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Wow. I must say that birds are STUPID. I mean, REALLY stupid. Obviously its still nesting season, so there are a fair amount of nests in my yard - I'm sure many of which I don't know about that are stashed away God knows where.

My wife calls me in a panic that our dog Sampson has found a baby bird and almost killed it. She tells me that she had our neighbor come over and they put the baby bird in a "nest like" bowl.

I got home and immediately put the bowl in a small tree in our front yard, hoping that the mother would at least be able to fly into the tree and feed the baby that fell.

Not so much.

We checked on the bird later that night, and the baby had died. The mom bird knew this, and pretty sure she was PISSED. Because for the past three days she's done nothing but sit in the tree where the baby was and frantically chirp for hours on end. All. Day. Long.

How long do birds mourn their dead? Do they even DO that? So many questions.

Moral of the story - leave nature alone. Pretty sure that bird was a weak fledgeling from the nest that didn't stand a chance at life from the get go.

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