• Riggs

Dog Diarrhea Cha-Cha-Cha

Wow. I didn't think that much poop could come out of a 60 lb dingo, but I stand corrected. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO OUR DOG?! It started about a week ago and my wife came home to a MESS in the house. He'd literally crapped all over the carpet, down the hallway, and into the second bedroom.

Diarrhea. Everywhere.


Then two days later, he was back at it again with the green apple splatters.

We gave him Pumpkin.

No dice.

We called the Vet - and he said to put him on a "bland diet" of rice and ground beef.

I seasoned the rice with butter like an idiot, so this probably prolonged poor Sampson's liquid bowel movements. I felt so bad that the rice was so gross by itself, I thought I'd give him some flavor. Which I then made things worse.

So here we are a week later - hopefully the Pepto Bismol and Peanut Butter my wife gave him will stop him up a bit...more to come. At least he's not a kid. Right? Phew!

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