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Don't give in to "Pandemic Pressure" of being overly-productive. #MentalHealthMonday

The inspiration for this week's mini episode is this tweet:

Now. I'm all for motivation, and I'm all for doing the best you can when given a unique situation...but this situation we have been handed isn't normal by ANY means...we aren't on a vacation, this is not relaxing, this is a freaking global pandemic. No matter where you stand on the topic - it's big world scary to MOST people.

What I mean is we are already worried about our own physical health, our own MENTAL health, our friends and family getting sick, hours being slashed at your job, pay cuts, furloughs, and all because of a VIRUS. There's a lot going on in the world, and it is unfair to think that you HAVE to use this time wisely because "you won't ever get this type of time again." All you are doing is adding a bunch of unnecessary anxiety to your already stressful life.

Now - maybe you're one of those super productive people that will hit a stride and actually wind up doing something like learn a language, or read a book, or learn to play an instrument - and if you do, and it works for you - that's great! I'm just speaking for the majority of people who are just trying to get through the day during a very stressful time.

This goes back to what I said on a previous blog about being in the "emotional middle". Have the best of both worlds. You don't want to have all this unnecessary pressure and stress to hammer out the next "Twilight" series, and you don't need to be a lifeless blob that does nothing but eat and watch Netflix all day. Find a healthy balance in the middle.

Find time for something you ENJOY and do something for YOU that feels productive. Might be doing a load of laundry to completion, might be reading a chapter of a book, might be writing a poem or coloring a picture. If that's all you do and you get through the day and feel GOOD about yourself, then you have already been more productive than many other people.

But please, don't feel the pressure to change the world. Worry about changing your MINDSET first. Then, once you fill your cup, you can conquer the world...and you won't even need Quarantine time or a global pandemic - it will come naturally.

Take care of yourself. Reach out for help - reach out to family and friends.

Stay strong! This won't last forever.


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