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Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention

Police Officers are more likely to die by their own hand, than in the line of duty. Let that sink in real quick.

Think of a first responder and what is expected of them. Police Officers, fire fighters, and EMT are all required to:

Be ready at a moment's notice, and be 100% focused and ready.

Be prepared to put their life at risk to save someone else, a complete stranger.

Be ready to see some of humanity at it's worst moments.

Be ready to arrive on the scene of an accident to find someone's mother, father, sister, brother, or friend - deceased.

Then they have to come back to their home to live a normal life.

Say what? No wonder suicide rates are so high with first responders. Depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, can all be exacerbated with these brave men and women.

Chris Prochut has ben down that dark path and lived to tell his story, and now uses his story to save the life savers he once worked alongside.

Proud to have him on the first #MENtalHealthMonday of 2020!

Check out Chris' website CLICK HERE.

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