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#MENtalHealthMonday - Managing anxiety in the NFL with Brandon Brooks of the Philadelphia Eagles

It's hard to find a more "macho" sport than football. From August through January, most of America has plans on every Sunday to plant themselves in front of a TV and watch their favorite team battle it out on the gridiron.

Brandon Brooks is one of the TOP offensive lineman in the NFL - three Pro Bowl appearances, and he even helped his Eagles beat TOM BRADY in Super Bowl 52 just two years ago.

Last season he left a Seattle game because of an anxiety attack, and I was so amazed by his honesty in the situation that it inspired me to write this blog.

One thing you may or may not know about Brandon is he has battled anxiety his entire life, and it even forced him out of a critical game last season.

He's a Milwaukee native - so when he came to town to visit his Mom, he hit me up on Twitter and we met at the Kimpton hotel to have a discussion about his journey.

What was his journey like? How is mental health perceived in the NFL? What did the team reps want him to say about his anxiety? How did he manage it during the FREAKING SUPER BOWL? And the ONE THING he does before EVERY SINGLE GAME at 5:30am like clockwork.

Arguably the most famous person I've had on my podcast - and the man is as cool and humble as he is talented.

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