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MENtalHealthMonday Part 1 of 4: Farmers Have Feelings - Mental Health and the agriculture industry.

Are you the type of person who stops to think about where your food comes from? Do you ever take a drive down a country road, see a farmer plowing a field, then think to yourself - "wow- that must be a lonely existence." It totally can be.

Farmers have feelings too, you know. And farmers also have one of the highest on the job suicide rates.

In my years of Mental Health advocacy and what I have learned working on the board with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - is that some jobs are at higher risk of suicide, and farming was always at the top of the list - specifically, dairy farmers.

More than 800 dairy farmers were forced to close their operations last year in Wisconsin alone...

I wanted to focus on this small, but important group of individuals that I don't feel is talked about enough. Maybe this can get shared with a farmer and it might give them hope to know that they aren't alone and they can reach out for help, it's there if they need it. We just have to be willing to listen.

Enjoy part 1 of this series.

Next week, we're going on a road trip to a dairy farm...

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