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#MENtalHealthMonday - When anxiety gets the best of you - Fight back!

In the spectrum of mental illness, the two most common without question are depression and anxiety. They are the most common, and they feed one another - so if you have one, odds are you have a slight version of the other. Isn't the brain fascinating?

This week, I'd like you to meet my friend Jason. Jason on the surface has it all going on - he's a good looking fella, has a solid job in the music industry...

A smokin' hot wife, and daughter to boot!

He's walked the red carpet at the Grammys, he's been on tour with some of music's biggest artists - he also does all of this while managing a severe amount of anxiety.

Jason has an interesting story in the sense of how he was raised, what most likely caused his anxiety, examples of how it manifests during his day, and how he manages it to keep a clear mindset.

If you have anxiety, are a man, or are a human being - you'll enjoy his story for this week's MENtalHealthMonday.

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