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#SoberSummer Begins

There is no booze in this mug...

Why the "Sober Summer"? Let's begin here...you can first start with WHY do we drink? As a people. As a society. We drink to socialize, we drink to lower our inhibitions, we drink to ease our anxieties (so we think) and even give you a little extra "courage". Most of all - we drink to get a little buzzed...maybe even have a rage and get HAMMERED.

What I've discovered in my...what almost 20 years of drinking that I am a HORRIBLE drinker. Terrible. Awful. I make bad decisions, and I become "invincible."

All of a sudden - I can do anything, say anything, and go anywhere I want. Up to and including, getting into my car and DRIVING. Not good. Sure there are many times when I designate a driver, or start the night in an Uber or Lyft so I don't have the option to drive a car - but it's those MANY times that I have found myself waking up in my clothes only to find out I have NO recollection of how I got home...but I drove. That TERRIFIES me.

Can I manage my booze? Sure. I can have one or two and stop...but does that do anything for me? Nope. No buzz. And I spent Probably $10-20 depending on what KIND of drink I was having. Have you ever gone to a place where you normally eat AND drink alcohol? Go again and try NOT ordering alcohol - you'll get the bill and feel like you're robbing the place. The markup on alcohol is insane.

Look. I'm not judging you or anyone for drinking. I'm not starting a crusade to get people to join me in my #SoberSummer - I'm just making a life decision for ME. Will I go BACK to drinking? Maybe. Probably. I don't know! Not sure. I'll let you know Labor Day weekend. In the meantime, I'll keep track of my #SoberSummer here.

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