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#SoberSummer2018 - 6 Weeks Down

Sober summer is proving to be much easier than I had originally expected. I've had many people reach out asking how I'm managing to abstain from alcohol in the summer months...and the answer is easy - you just don't.

The hardest part about not drinking is explaining to everyone WHY you aren't drinking. People can't wrap their head around why you walk through life without a beer in your hand.

Look, I don't want to do this to get all sanctimonious, I'm going to drink again. Don't get me wrong. But I see the struggle that people who HAVE had a drinking problem probably fight with every day.

We are so conditioned as a society to always order a drink when we go out, or to have a beer at the BBQ, or have a cocktail before dinner, that the thought of just having something WITHOUT alcohol seems obtuse. I can't imagine trying to fight an addiction with alcohol and doing it in this day and age where nearly every social event you can fathom has some sort of an alcohol connection. Wanna know what's sad? I was getting so much crap at a get together a few weeks ago from a few people, that I ordered a diet coke in a glass and had the bartender put a garnish on the side so it would LOOK like I was drinking. Crazy, right?

Have I noticed any changes since NOT drinking alcohol? You're damn right I have.

So as I type this - I am 1 month and 16 days without a drop of alcohol. I am sleeping better, I am more refreshed every day, I don't feel as bloated anymore. I also notice that when I sleep now, I am doing it to rejuvenate my body not just repair the damage I did the night before with my binge drinking. I have also noticed that my MEMORY is better, short term memory and my attention to detail is much better. In the past, I'd get easily distracted and lose focus - but my focus is WAY better off the hooch.

Look, this isn't for everyone. And as I mentioned earlier, I"ll go back to drinking after the #SoberSummer2018 comes to an end on Labor Day. Until then, cut me and everyone else who doesn't drink some slack. Just means there's more for you!


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