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Washington DC - Day 1

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Day 1 in Washington DC included a TON of stuff. Mostly because I discovered the awesomeness of the rental scooter. You can cover SO MUCH ground with these things.

Plus I already had a LYFT account. So it was super easy. Also found out UBER has their own scooters, and there are other companies - Lime, Spin, and Bird to name a few...so the streets are littered with them...but in a GOOD way. You can scan with your phone and hop on - then zip down the streets past traffic and make your way downtown...

Hit the capital, the Library of Congress to get a Library card, Supreme Court...Got a tour of the House of Representatives gallery by a Christian Yelich look alike (he was really a cool dude named Will from Tammy Baldwin's office). Air and Space Museum, some other landmarks and special buildings, and of course - hit the White House. Trump had just come back from a trip on Marine One and the police presence was INSANE.

Off to Day two.

Newseum, Holocaust Museum, American History, Natural History, African American History, and finish up with the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial.

Think I can hit it all in a day?

Booking another scooter...

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