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Washington DC - Day 2

Remember the end of Day 1 when I said this about Day 2?

"Newseum, Holocaust Museum, American History, Natural History, African American History, and finish up with the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial.

Think I can hit it all in a day? "

What would you do if I told you I went to LITERALLY every single one of those places in one day. Because that's what happened, y'alls.

Woke up early - hit the streets early to find a scooter early! I learned a valuable lesson about scooters on this day...more on that in a moment.

Headed to the Newseum. Pretty much an entire museum dedicated to the first amendment, and EVERYTHING in newsworthy history. Newspapers from hundreds of years ago - to newspapers from today. TV news, Radio news, everything that's been covered in the news.

One thing I love most about a museum, is that you see the actual physical object from history. That's what moves ME about a museum, in some cases - to TEARS (another thing I learned I'll tell you later about that, too). Some of the items of note from the Newseum were a portion of the Berlin Wall, the antennae from the North World Trade Center Tower, the cabin where they found the infamous Unabomber, and another cool thing about this Newseum, was the hand written notes from reporters and journalists as they witnessed historical events unfold.

Then there was the Holocaust Museum, and the Museum of African American History and culture. I didn't take may pics of either one, if ANY. The African American History museum was just WAY too crowded to get anything of value - and I was too busy taking it all in...

The Holocaust museum brought me to tears MANY times. The stories of these poor women and children and men who did nothing more than practice their own religion and simply exist on this planet, and for some reason this monster saw them as inferior, as RATS and a subculture of humanity. Seeing the actual shoes in a giant pile was such a strong moment for me...that each pair of shoes belonged to a living and breathing person was powerful.

An interesting perspective of the Holocaust Memorial Museum was when they discussed how so many other countries and cultures were complicit because they KNEW what was going on with the Holocaust. So many people KNEW that they were marching Jews into chambers to be gassed to death, incinerated, and discarded like a piece of trash. I just can't understand any of it. Very sad.

Definitely recommend this museum. It's a dark part of our human history that more people should know about. If we don't shine a light on our dark past, we're bound to repeat the mistakes we made throughout history.

The rest of the day - I rounded out everything else. American History museum was a wash, just uninterested in our culture over the years- the cooking, the traveling, the technology, its all great - but I don't want to see a food diagram from 1966.

Natural History was pretty badass - seeding dinosaur bones and the Hope Diamond, and even seeing Smithsonian scientists at work was cool!

Here are the rest of the pics, in no particular order...

Oh, and I think I totally saw bigfoot.

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